How to Improve Alexa Rank?

May 12, 2012 alexa-rank

In today’s neck to neck competition in blogging world, webmasters are leaving no stones unturned which can help to increase popularity of their blog/website in any possible way. Alexa is, no doubt an authority to measure a website’s rank globally and country specific. Wherever you go, you can see webmasters displaying their good ranking in [...]

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Does Google Pagerank matter?

May 8, 2012 Google-Pagerank-Blog

Before we go ahead and discuss about it, how many of you know that Page-rank was developed by Larry Page (Google co-founder) and hence, known as Page-rank! Very recently Google has released 2nd update of Pagerank in 2012. Google pagerank shows how popular your website is. I have seen 100s of post where blog master [...]

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Winner:- Giveaway : Transcend Pen Drive 16 GB USB 3.0

April 29, 2012 Winner

Hi All, Thanks again for participating in this giveaway at TechSpacia. I am happy to announce the winner of this contest. Winner of this contest is Prashant Jethwa. Congratulations Prashant Jethwa! I have captured my desktop screen while I was selecting the winner and have kept video at youtube/screenr. In case you are interested, please [...]

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Gmail space Increases to 10GB

April 25, 2012

Yesterday was a good news day for Google users and Google fans. First big news was launch of Google Drive and another one was to increment in free space in Gmail from 7.5GB to 10GB (and counting). When gmail was launched in year 2004, it was offering 1GB quota in inbox. And even 1GB was [...]

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Google Drive

April 25, 2012 google-drive

Google Drive After months of waiting, Google finally announced Google Drive yesterday. Google has definitely made a very bold move to enter into cloud storage market. Legacy application of online document-sharing service Google Docs, has now been expanded to Google drive. Google Drive is a place where you can create, share, collaborate, and keep all [...]

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Claim Your Website at Alexa

April 22, 2012 Alexa-Claim-Your-Website

Alexa has become now a standard to check your website popularity and rank. Most of Advertisement Network do believe on Alexa ranking of your blog. Though few people/webmaster don’t think much about Alexa ranking, but the fact is that Alexa ranking is now a scale to measure your blog popularity. As people/companies do believe on [...]

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How to Clean Registry and Delete Unnecessary Files From Hard Drive?

April 19, 2012 Piriform_CCleaner

Many PC users say they haven’t got enough space on their system partition, having installed only the required applications: browser, office suite, photo editing software, multimedia player and antivirus. In addition to lack of space, another drawback is the fact that: "Windows is being slow." It is very likely that you are familiar with the [...]

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TechSpacia is a dofollow blog now!

April 18, 2012 Wordpress-Comments

Hello All, I am happy to tell you that TechSpacia is a dofollow blog now. Thanks to Atish of TechTricksWorld for this wonderful suggestion. In addition to make TechSpasia a dofollow, KeywordLuv Plugin has also been installed. CommenLuv and Top Commentator (in Footer) Plugins are already present. On the top of all these benefit, I [...]

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Use Soluto – Reduce PC Start Up Time

April 17, 2012 soluto

There was a time when my laptop used to take 3 minutes to start or boot up. And waiting time was very frustrating. Staring at windows was the only thing I used to do for those 3 minutes. And then I found a solution – Soluto. Soluto is a software which removes unnecessary application from [...]

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IDrive : 65 GB Online Space Absolutely Free

April 16, 2012 I-Drive

Nowadays your laptop or computer has become an integrated part of your life. You keep all your personal data, contacts, emails, photos, official documents on your laptop/PC. Some of those documents are priceless. In today’s world, a computer file is not just a piece of computer programming, but it stores memories and emotions. Have you [...]

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