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Google Wallet Overcomes the Use of Credit Cards

October 29, 2011 Google-Wallet

In the game of mobile payments, we have all come to know Paypal and Venmo. However, it seems that Google wants in on the game too with its new electronic payment, Google Wallet. Remember Master Card’s brilliant, punch line? — ‘There are some things money can’t buy, For everything else there’s MasterCard.’ Is Google hinting [...]

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7 Reason – Why A Few Blogs Fall Short

October 23, 2011 success-and-failure-wordpress-blog

For last few days, I was analyzing and was setting up a plan in order to establish Techspacia well in the existing pool of technology blogs. Here is one of my findings. Why some blogs fall short? Why do some blogs succeed and others just fall short? Do you write? Are you one of those [...]

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The Million Dollar Homepage – What an idea!

October 11, 2011 The_Million_Dollar_Homepage

Everyday we plan and think about making some money by doing something online. We write blogs, try to sale advertisement  space through BSA, write paid review, go for AdSense, Chitika and do 100s of things. Sometimes when we run out of ideas, we even don’t hesitate to create copy-paste post or write useless review of [...]

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Secret of Shout Me Loud – A Case Study

October 9, 2011 Shoutmeloud

If you are someone who keeps interest in various news in technology space or if you blog about technology (no matter which corner of the world you are from), I am sure that you must have heard of ShoutMELoud. Those who are not aware (I am surprised to know), ShoutMELoud is a blog which is [...]

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TechSpacia Announces Top Commentators Award

October 6, 2011 Top-Commentators-Award

Today, TechSpacia introduces Top Commentators award. There is a fantastic award for top 10 commentators each month. I have installed a plugin, which helps me to keep track of Top Commentators on my blog. At the start of every month, the counter will be reset. Hence the award is on Monthly basis. 1st Place:- A [...]

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Akash Tablet – World’s Cheapest Tablet

October 6, 2011 Akash-Tablet-Worlds-Cheapest-Tablet

Today, the ultra-low cost tablet device named Akash tablets, was launched by Education minister of India Mr. Kapil Sibbal. It was more than a year ago, when HRD ministry announced the project of “one laptop per child”. Initially the cost of proposed tablet computing device was estimated at $35. This project became very famous as [...]

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Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) Countdown!

October 1, 2011 Internet_Explorer_6_Logo_Countdown

When Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) was launched in 2001, it was the best browser of that time. It was released shortly after completion of Windows XP. During tenure of IE 6 (Internet Explorer 6), it was used widely and was the main tool to browse the web. During 2002-2003, IE6 was having more than 80% [...]

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