About me


First of all, I thank you for visiting this page.

I know that you are not much interested to know a lot about me, I’ll keep this introduction short.

I am Ritesh Kumar and by profession, I am a software engineer. I work mainly in BI area (ETL, Reporting, RDBMS, OLAP, etc.) and very recently, started blogging seriously. I am having interest in domaining and regularly watch, buy and sell them to have some profit.

Also let me accept that English is not my first language. So I am sure that you are going to notice several grammatical errors here and there in this blog. I will be highly thankful if you inform me about it by emailing or comment. I assure you that corrective measures will be taken as soon as possible.

TechSpacia (A Technology Blog)

Somewhere in the month of June 2011, I thought to write a blog about technology. And finally I am launching TechSpacia.

This Blog is based on WordPress, no doubt one of the most famous and the easiest blogging platform. Theme of this blog is based on WP-DaVinci theme. If you like the theme and want to use it for you blog, don’t hesitate to ask me for it. And in lieu of this template, I will request you to give me a link from you blog. This link request is really a request and I will not force you to do so. :-)

Feel free to drop me a mail at ritesh@techspacia.com. I am also available at Skype (ritesh.net).

Ritesh Kumar