Does Google Pagerank matter?



Before we go ahead and discuss about it, how many of you know that Page-rank was developed by Larry Page (Google co-founder) and hence, known as Page-rank!

Very recently Google has released 2nd update of Pagerank in 2012. Google pagerank shows how popular your website is. I have seen 100s of post where blog master happily announce about their blog PR status after every pagerank update. And on the same post, discussion about how important pagerank is now. First of all, let’s try to understand what is a pagerank. And then discussion about its importance.

What is Google Pagerank?

In layman’s term, whenever you mention a url in you blog (which can be clicked. Also known as hyperlink), it is considered as a link. Suppose you run a website ABC and within a post or page you have mentioned another website XYZ (using a clickable link), then it is said that XYZ is having an inbound link from ABC. Now quality and quantity of this link is the criteria to determine pagerank.

Google pagerank scales a website from 0 to 10. Zero pagerank is the lowest whereas 10 is the highest.

Does Google Pagerank matter?

Entire Google Search algorithm is based on how popular your website by measuring quality/quantity of inbound links. It is a relative numerical weightage value of a website compared to rest of the websites on www.

A page that is linked to by many pages with high PageRank receives a high rank itself. If there are no links to a web page there is no support for that page. (Quote – Wikipedia).


I am having very straight forward logic. If Google is releasing their pagerank update so regularly (almost for last 10 years), it is definitely important. If it would have lost importance nowadays, Google surely must not have updated it on regular basis.

On the other hand, I have looked at some top notch blogger in our niche (technology). They feel proud to declare that their blog is having PR 4/5 or 6. Their blog is more popular than yours and of course they do it on full time basis to earn a living. Doesn’t it give you a clue how important is Google PR.

When I talk about monetizing your blog, Google Pagerank is again very important. Have a look at any of advertisement page (of a blog) at BuySellAds (leading portal for advertisement). You can clearly see importance of Google PR. Most of the time if you don’t have good PR, you are not going to be approved at buysellads. Do you see importance of Pagerank?

Let me tell you honestly. Most of the webmasters try secretly to improve pagerank of their blog. If you are not doing it, you will lose the game.

Quick guide: – How to improve Google Pagerank?

As I have discussed briefly, Google Pagerank depends on quality and quantity of backlinks (inbound links). If you have started recently, it will take time to become popular and get backlinks by the most natural way. Till then, you can use following to create inbound links for your websites:-

  • Commenting on blogs which are having high pagerank and use commentluv/keywordluv for additional benefit.
  • Guest post on same niche blogs.
  • Create lenses/hubs on squidoo or hubpages or on similar websites.
  • Forum posting. Asking questions and answering to someone else query.

Always remember, your link building campaign should be natural and not at all spamy. Even though Google takes time to penalize you for spam, I am sure that your fellow blogger will not think even twice to reject your comment and it will ultimately reduce your credibility in the circle.

The ultimate truth is that Google pagerank is definitely important, but not everything in this world. Besides working on pagerank, you should also consider several other things to improve standard of your blog and bring traffic.

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  1. navin from techinfoblog says:

    Ritesh, I think PR still matters, but it’s not that important. Webmasters used to feel PR will give them higher authority in SERPs but it’s a myth. PR is still valid because if you want to sell your domain or links on your higher PR website, because buyers still fall in to those sites or links with higher PRs. Also, anyone who don’t know, web design, SERPs, SEO or any type of webmaster stuff they never bother about PR more than that, they don’t even know it.

  2. PrIyAnGsHu from GeekyTricks says:

    Great post buddy ! Yes, Pagerank really does matter ! It showcases the standard of a blog or website !
    PrIyAnGsHu @ GeekyTricks recently posted..Download N.O.V.A. 3 : Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance for iPhone, iPad & iPod TouchMy Profile

  3. Wilson Desre says:

    Yes. It’s important. People search by using keywords. And when your blogs got that thing they called traffic, you’ll rank high. The higher you rank, the more you earn too.

  4. Zeeshan from how to start blog says:

    Matt Cutts clearly said in an interview that Pagerank is the major factor when ranking websites for certain keywords. So i personally think that it still matters.

  5. Gerald Martin from SEO Reseller says:

    There are some who use PageRank as a parameter of how reputable a site is. We can’t turn away from that fact, but if we look into things closely, there are reputable sites that have low PageRank. It still matters in a way, but it’s not really that important, just like what Navin mentioned.

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