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I never prefer to install video Games on my laptop, which I use for blogging. The main reason for this is, sometimes some guest who visits my home, start playing games on my laptop. And I always don’t find myself comfortable for not allowing to play games on my laptop.

Hence I am having better solution. Don’t install any games on my laptop. But my bad luck again, after I uninstalled all the games they started playing default games which come with Windows installation (Game Explorer). Finally I was able to hide all of those games (default games of windows operating system).



Right click on the game and select “Hide This Game”. And the game will be now hidden from view. If you want to hide all of the games, you need to hide all the games one by one by right clicking on it.

Unhide all hidden games

Windows Game Explorer doesn’t give you an option to unhide only one game. It always says “Unhide All Items”.

When you want to unhide a game in Windows Game Explorer, go to Options in Game Explorer menu .


Select “Unhide All Items”.

All the games where were in hidden, will become visible again. If you want to unhide only a particular game, unhide all items and rehide all except one which you want to keep visible.




Do you have interest in games? Do you like default built-in games in Windows OS? Let us know through commenting. We are waiting to hear from you.

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  1. Christopher says:

    Much appreciated for the information and share! It helped me to hide games in windows 7.

  2. Great article Ritesh. Keep up the good work!

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