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In today’s neck to neck competition in blogging world, webmasters are leaving no stones unturned which can help to increase popularity of their blog/website in any possible way. Alexa is, no doubt an authority to measure a website’s rank globally and country specific. Wherever you go, you can see webmasters displaying their good ranking in Alexa using some plugins.

Alexa ranking is a very important factor when you try to monetize your blog. If your blog is having good ranking, it will fetch more value as compared to other blogs in same niche with lower rank.

Webmaster tries to find out ways to improve Alexa ranking of their blog/website. I will here discuss few methods/tricks which can improve ranking of a blog in Alexa.

(Disclaimer: – Speaking honestly, these are not declared by Alexa. All these tricks are based on experience of bloggers and few common logic).


Increase Blog Traffic

First and the most important thing is traffic to your blog. As per Alexa declaration, they measure raking of a blog by number of visits. Hence simple logic is having a good traffic to your blog will bring good ranking to your blog.

Number of backlinks

If you look at siteinfo of any blog (TechSpacia), you can see that number of inbound links to that particular blog/website as Reputation. It again gives very clear indication that reputation is an important factor in determining Alexa rank of your blog. Hence work on link building. It will help you to improve Alexa ranking.

Review at Alexa

3rd important factor is review of your website. Alexa is having an explicit mechanism where visitors can directly rate your website. Users can rate your websites in scale of 1 to 5. Of course a good rating from end user (visitors) tell that your website is good and worthy, which in turns improves your ranking.

Install Alexa Toolbar

Unlike Google Analytics, Alexa doesn’t ask you to embed traffic tracking code in your website. Alexa in fact uses its toolbar to measure/count visits. Installing alexa tool bar on your computer locally (and visiting your websites many times in a day ;-) ) will definitely improve your ranking. If you are able to influence your visitors to install Alexa toolbar, that will be an additional advantage for you.

Claim of your website in Alexa

Though I am not sure if claiming your websites can improve Alexa ranking of your blog, many webmasters suggest that it helps. My logic is we should not leave an stone unturned. There is no harm in claiming your websites on Alexa. In fact it helps Alexa visitors to know who the blog/websites belongs to.

Relevant Reading:- How to claim your websites in Alexa.

I hope you must have enjoyed reading this article. Do let me know your experience with Alexa ranking. First of all, do you believe on it? Has it helped to monetize your blog better?

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