How to Remove Top Stories from Facebook?



Recently Facebook introduced Top Stories feature. Though it is useful for those who are top 10 busiest people on this Earth, most of us find it annoying.

If you are not yet aware about Facebook News Feed Top Story, read this post:-

Facebook has introduced Top Stories.

Many people are complaining about this feature and want to disable it at any cost. I will discuss some methods to remove top stories from Facebook.

(1) Instruct Facebook that you don’t need Top Stories!

A bit time consuming, but definitely go in line with Facebook algorithms of Top Stories. Facebook says that you can mark or unmark a news feed as a top story or not a top story.

So whenever you see a top story in your Facebook account, click on blue triangle which is at top-left corner of feed. Clicking on blue triangle will unmark the feed as top story. A message will confirm this action – This is no longer a top story. We’ll try not to put more stories like this at the top of your News Feed.

Remove all of the top stories from your Facebook page. Refresh page. Quite feasible that another set of Top Stories will be served to you. Again follow the same process, unmark as top story. Refresh the page.

This way, you will let Facebook know about your preference. Very soon Facebook will not be able to find any story for you which can be tagged as Top Story.


(2) Change language of your account.

Go to account setting and change your language other than English UK or English US. This trick will remove top stories from your Facebook home.

However changing language will also change all the default keyword and options in Facebook too.

I changed my language from English US to Hindi and truly speaking, I found it tough to navigate in Facebook. And I was forced to back to English US.





(3) Don’t use default URL of Facebook


You won’t see Top Stories.Facebook-betterfacebook

(4) Use Plugins to remove/hide top stories in Facebook

There is a very good plugin available for almost every main browser (except Internet Explorer!), known as Better Facebook. It is a free extension.

Install it for Chrome/Firefox and simple go to Facebook. It will present you a setting wizard of 10 steps. Be patient and go through all the steps. It will not only help you to remove Top Stores, but also give you an option to improve overall experience with Facebook.




I hope this article will help you. Let us know your thoughts about new features in Facebook. Did you like Top Stories?

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