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Nowadays your laptop or computer has become an integrated part of your life. You keep all your personal data, contacts, emails, photos, official documents on your laptop/PC. Some of those documents are priceless.

In today’s world, a computer file is not just a piece of computer programming, but it stores memories and emotions.

Have you ever thought to protect them? What if your laptop hard-disk suddenly crashes? A study shows that more than 50% of hard-disk crashes within 5 years! And ultimate truth is that your laptop (or hard-disk) is not immortal. What if your laptop is stolen? There will be a fine (not so fine though) day, when your hard-disk is going to be crashed for sure. So what’s the solution? How to protect data in your laptop?

Here comes the concept of backup. You can either take a backup on a physical device by your own or you can chose to subscribe for online service like I-Drive. Taking backup on a physical device is not very simple and you need to do it manually (unless you have a dedicated machine for it). Whereas Online backup services can be easily configured on schedule.

I have seen that a couple of online backup services give you free storage. But that it limited to just a couple of GBs. Here I am going to talk about I-Drive which can give you 65 GB of Free Online space.


When it comes to online backup, I-drive is my favourite. Definitely it provides very good user experience through its client software, I am more impressed with space which is available to you under free plan.

Even IDrive gives you just 5GB of free space. But you can easily make it 65GB!

And Yes, absolutely free! Let me guide you how can you claim this 65 GB of space.


Step1:- Sign up for I-drive here and opt for “Try IDrive – 5 GB Free”.

(Please click on below link to join IDrive. It is referral link for my account.)

Sign up for IDrive. Click Here.


Step2:- Once you are signed up for IDrive, search for “Refer and get more space” link at top right area. Click on it.


Step3:- Once you click on above link, it will redirect you to referral page. Invite your friend by email (Gmail/AOL/Hotmail/Yahoo etc) and your free quota will be increased from 5GB to 15GB.


Once you invite your contacts using email address book, you will be having 15GB space (yes… absolutely free) in your pocket.

Now IDrive referral page will also present referral link for your account. Share it to Facebook/Twitter/Blog or whatever means you can use. For every sign up through your referral link, you will be given 1GB space. And this referral is limited up to 50 signups. Hence you can also claim additional space of 50 GB through your referrals.

Once you are able to invite 50 people to IDrive, your storage limit becomes 15GB + 50GB = 65GB!

And I am sure that if you are not storing movies, 65GB of space will be sufficient. And the most important, you are not spending even a single penny to use this 65GB.

Hope you must have enjoyed reading this informative article. Join IDrive through my referral link so that I can enjoy those 50GB of additional space and make my bucket of 65GB for free. ;-)

Let me know your strategy for backup. Do you use physical device or Idrive or any other online services?

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Ritesh Kumar is having 6+ years of IT experience in various business intelligence tools and technologies.A mechanical engineer by education and a software engineer by profession. Apart from working on Informatica PC, Pentaho tools, Talend OS, Oracle, MySQL, Hadoop, Pig latin, Business objects (ah... long list to go), I also interest in domaining and blogging. Do take some time to visit about me section of this blog.

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  1. Amit Shaw says:

    Nope i am using Simple External Harddrive.
    Thanks for this awesome tips Ritesh.

  2. Bryan says:

    65 gb is great but the problem is the band width needed to upload and download 65 gbs .. external hard disks on the other hand is cheap you can get 2tb for 100$.. but there are people who uses online storing a lot. this can be best if you need to share large files over internet.
    nice article man .. thanks for explaining how to increase 5 gb limit to 65gb linmit

    • Ritesh Kumar says:

      agree with you, Bryan. External hard disk will definitely save bandwidth. Both (local backup and online backup) have their own merits and demerits. It basically depends on your requirement that what do you go for at last.

  3. Puneet says:

    Whatever it be but iDrive is really doing great by giving 5GB storage. However I am still using dropbox. Surely will give it a try.

  4. Prem Pandit from Trickybloggers says:

    Thanks Ritesh for sharing the Tips. IDrive provides the Better backup Solutions
    Prem Pandit@Trickybloggers recently posted..Comment on Sharp RW-T110 Tablet [Price and Specifications] by pradeep kumarMy Profile

  5. Zeeshan says:

    65GB online space, this is a true Drop box killer. I think now Google also have to about there Cloud storage system.

  6. Mohsin Ali says:

    I am very disappointed by Google Drive online storage capacity as one can easily get 64GB data storage with IDrive.
    Mohsin Ali recently posted..Microsoft Word Product KeysMy Profile

    • Ritesh Kumar says:

      but there is a basic difference between IDrive and Google Drive.
      IDrive is primarily designed for regular backup whereas Google Drive (or Skydrive or Dropbox) are designed for static storage of your files in cloud.

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