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Gmail space Increases to 10GB

April 25, 2012

Yesterday was a good news day for Google users and Google fans. First big news was launch of Google Drive and another one was to increment in free space in Gmail from 7.5GB to 10GB (and counting). When gmail was launched in year 2004, it was offering 1GB quota in inbox. And even 1GB was [...]

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Google Wallet Overcomes the Use of Credit Cards

October 29, 2011 Google-Wallet

In the game of mobile payments, we have all come to know Paypal and Venmo. However, it seems that Google wants in on the game too with its new electronic payment, Google Wallet. Remember Master Card’s brilliant, punch line? — ‘There are some things money can’t buy, For everything else there’s MasterCard.’ Is Google hinting [...]

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Google Plus (+) is open to everyone now!

September 21, 2011 Google-Plus-Invitation

Google Plus is now open to all. Today morning when I launched Google, it flashed a message “Google + is open to all”. Google Plus (Google +) which was launched on 28th June 2011, was an invite-only social networking websites until now. It was in testing phase and only selected users were given access to [...]

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Galwaysidle – Stay always idle on Gtalk

September 4, 2011 image

Google talk is, no doubt, one of the best IM client available as on today. It not only integrates various Google features beautifully but also, is a  very light weight software., As every software has its positive and negative, Google talk has also some features where it lags from other IM client. Availability status is [...]

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New Login Screen for Gmail

September 1, 2011 gmail-new-login-screen

Recently Google announced that they are coming with a new screen for Gmail login. If you open your gmail login page, you can see that in the bottom section, it gives you a notification that “a new sign-in page is coming soon”. It also gives you a link to preview it. Here is how the [...]

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