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Does Google Pagerank matter?

May 8, 2012 Google-Pagerank-Blog

Before we go ahead and discuss about it, how many of you know that Page-rank was developed by Larry Page (Google co-founder) and hence, known as Page-rank! Very recently Google has released 2nd update of Pagerank in 2012. Google pagerank shows how popular your website is. I have seen 100s of post where blog master [...]

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Google PageRank Update – TechSpacia is now PR2

November 9, 2011 TechSpacia-Google-PageRank

Dear Friends/TechSpacia Blog Readers, Happy to tell you that when I opened my mail box today, I saw an email from Atish Ranjan, TechTricksWorld Fame. Here is what he was saying:- Hurray!!! I am sitting on a Google PR 2 blog now. Many thanks to all the readers of this blog, fellow bloggers who helped [...]

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