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How to Remove Top Stories from Facebook?

September 22, 2011 Facebook-Top-Stories-Remove

Recently Facebook introduced Top Stories feature. Though it is useful for those who are top 10 busiest people on this Earth, most of us find it annoying. If you are not yet aware about Facebook News Feed Top Story, read this post:- Facebook has introduced Top Stories. Many people are complaining about this feature and [...]

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Facebook Ticker – Live News Feed from all your friends. How to Remove Facebook Ticker?

September 22, 2011 Facebook-Ticker-Live-News-Feed

Now it is a real war between Facebook and Google, over social networking. Day before yesterday, Google plus opened its door for everyone. Now you don’t need to have an invitation to join Google Plus. To read more, refer to article Google Plus is open to everyone. To encounter increasing popularity of Google +, Facebook [...]

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