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Scribbler fanatics just love to scribble their thought away, writing all day long. Some write for the luxury of being able to express what they feel or think. Others however have found greater satisfaction in earning while they write their hearts away.

Those who tackle down the path of being a professional blogger has long since understood that in order to succeed, one must be able and ready to handle all the responsibilities needed as a blogger. One way to assure success in the blogging sphere is to provide killer articles. There are a lot of ways to make a killer article. However, a superb and flawless content is a reader’s opinion after he has read your article. It is not the first thing that captures the guest readers’ attention to read it.

In order for you to entice readers to read your blog, you have to know what captures their eyes. Then, once you have done that, you need to gain their attention next. After you have gained their attention, you will gain a lot of readers interested to read your next blog post. To capture the audience’s attention, you need to improve on these three basic yet important elements.

As a writer, you know very well that the first thing a reader will see and read is the ‘Title.’ Since this is the “first” thing that a reader will see and read, you need to put more effort on to it. Make the title more alluring by using ‘attractive’ words like (How to, numbers, Ways to, etc.) People are attracted to titles that tell them they can learn something from it if they read more, example (5 Easy Ways To Look Stunningly Beautiful On Your First Date). Since titles are usually kept short and straight to the point, you can clarify more on the subject by using subtitles.


The next thing that will hook the readers to read your article is the introduction or most commonly known as the lead. Other bloggers find the having the lead in ‘bold’ or in ‘italic’ can attract more readers. The introduction usually is a short paragraph that answers the W’s (who, what, where and why). In order for you to captivate your readers more, withhold a few information to invoke curiosity. This will allure your readers to read more till the end.

Lastly, as human beings we love to look at something colorful and beautiful. Most bloggers have found that adding a photo to their presentation of the article increases more curious readers. Therefore, if you opt to use a photo, make sure you put on captions. No, it will not describe the image posted but it will however consist of a quote or a short sentence from the article, thus making it more presentable.

Making attractive articles is all about catching the readers ‘eyes’, ‘attention’, and ‘interest’. An alluring title catches the eyes; a superb lead captures the attention and lastly; an awesome content and presentation wins a readers interest.

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Ritesh Kumar is having 6+ years of IT experience in various business intelligence tools and technologies.A mechanical engineer by education and a software engineer by profession. Apart from working on Informatica PC, Pentaho tools, Talend OS, Oracle, MySQL, Hadoop, Pig latin, Business objects (ah... long list to go), I also interest in domaining and blogging. Do take some time to visit about me section of this blog.

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  1. fazal mayar says:

    thanks for this ritesh, writing good blog content is a must for any blogger!
    fazal mayar recently posted..Google’s Matt Cutts Confirms That Seo Is Not SpamMy Profile

  2. Well written content helps to attract readers. Thanks for sharing. Cheers !!
    SEO Consultant India recently posted..Christine ApplebyMy Profile

  3. Sudarshan from TechKnowGuide says:

    Only flooding your blog with articles doesnt help much….. you need to take care about the needs and problems of your reader before writing any article….If you can solve your reader’s problems, It will surely make your blog more popular and can bring heavy traffic to it….Nice share Ritesh!
    Sudarshan@TechKnowGuide recently posted..Apple iPhone 4S to launch on 25th Nov in India [Confirmed]My Profile

  4. PrIyAnGsHu from PC Tricks says:

    Great tips Ritesh ! It is rightly said that Content is the king , as Quality Content catches more eyes !
    PrIyAnGsHu @ PC Tricks recently posted..Google Introduces Google Music To The Public – Now With A Music StoreMy Profile

  5. Abhishek says:

    very nicely witten article buddy,nice points that you listed out
    Abhishek recently posted..Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3My Profile

  6. Andy says:

    great tips dude. the main thing of blogging is writing good content and you have mentioned here great tips. thanks for this.

  7. PrIyAnGsHu from MoneyEarningSecrets.Com says:

    Great post dude ! Keep up the good work !
    PrIyAnGsHu @ MoneyEarningSecrets.Com recently posted..Godaddy $1 Domain Coupon Code – Black Friday SpecialMy Profile

  8. Ujjwal Kumar says:

    This is one nice post I’ve read here. Keep them coming Ritesh. :D
    Ujjwal Kumar recently posted..[How to] Execute PHP code on a WordPress widgetMy Profile

  9. Prem Pandit says:

    Writing the quality Content is the Base of Blogging.It will help to go forward in Blogging. Thanks for sharing the nice tips.

  10. Hey nice article, just you have rightly said, it’s not the amount of time you spend in writing that matters but writing a real and quality article and sharing it is the major base of blogging, you have shared a very good idea, thanks for sharing….
    Samson Abiodun recently posted..Android: The New Free Total SecurityMy Profile

  11. Bryan says:

    great article
    writing interesting, attractive, and colorful articles which attracts and hooks readers is sure ways to get great exposure to your articles
    images and media files in your article is sure to gain more readers

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