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Winner:- Giveaway : Transcend Pen Drive 16 GB USB 3.0

April 29, 2012 Winner

Hi All, Thanks again for participating in this giveaway at TechSpacia. I am happy to announce the winner of this contest. Winner of this contest is Prashant Jethwa. Congratulations Prashant Jethwa! I have captured my desktop screen while I was selecting the winner and have kept video at youtube/screenr. In case you are interested, please [...]

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Claim Your Website at Alexa

April 22, 2012 Alexa-Claim-Your-Website

Alexa has become now a standard to check your website popularity and rank. Most of Advertisement Network do believe on Alexa ranking of your blog. Though few people/webmaster don’t think much about Alexa ranking, but the fact is that Alexa ranking is now a scale to measure your blog popularity. As people/companies do believe on [...]

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TechSpacia is a dofollow blog now!

April 18, 2012 Wordpress-Comments

Hello All, I am happy to tell you that TechSpacia is a dofollow blog now. Thanks to Atish of TechTricksWorld for this wonderful suggestion. In addition to make TechSpasia a dofollow, KeywordLuv Plugin has also been installed. CommenLuv and Top Commentator (in Footer) Plugins are already present. On the top of all these benefit, I [...]

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Giveaway:- Transcend Pen Drive 16 GB USB 3.0

April 13, 2012 transcend-jet-flash-700-usb-3-0-16-gb

When I started blogging last year in September, I was having a plan to be very regular (writing at least 15-20 articles in a month). I thought that once I will cross 100 post mark, I will arrange a giveaway. But as you must have observed by now, I am not only just slow but [...]

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Top 3 Creative Ways to Make Attractive Articles

November 15, 2011 Make-Blog-Attractive

Scribbler fanatics just love to scribble their thought away, writing all day long. Some write for the luxury of being able to express what they feel or think. Others however have found greater satisfaction in earning while they write their hearts away. Those who tackle down the path of being a professional blogger has long [...]

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Top Commentators at TechSpacia–October 2011

November 2, 2011 Top-Commentators-Award

Dear Reader of TechSpacia, I am happy to announce Top Commentators award at TechSpacia for the month of October 2011. Top Commentator award (a 468x68px header advertisement block) goes to PrIyAnGsHu @ Internet Marketing Blog. Heartiest congratulations to you, Priyangshu and many thanks for spending your valuable time at TechSpacia and interacting with community. Congratulations [...]

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The Million Dollar Homepage – What an idea!

October 11, 2011 The_Million_Dollar_Homepage

Everyday we plan and think about making some money by doing something online. We write blogs, try to sale advertisement  space through BSA, write paid review, go for AdSense, Chitika and do 100s of things. Sometimes when we run out of ideas, we even don’t hesitate to create copy-paste post or write useless review of [...]

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TechSpacia Announces Top Commentators Award

October 6, 2011 Top-Commentators-Award

Today, TechSpacia introduces Top Commentators award. There is a fantastic award for top 10 commentators each month. I have installed a plugin, which helps me to keep track of Top Commentators on my blog. At the start of every month, the counter will be reset. Hence the award is on Monthly basis. 1st Place:- A [...]

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In-text advertising-Infolinks, an alternative to Google AdSense

September 22, 2011 infolinks

No doubt Google AdSense is the best way to monetize your blog in this Earth. But at the same time, everyone is not lucky enough to have a Google AdSense account. Everyday Google adds a new and strict criteria for blog owners to become an AdSense publisher. I know several cases when blog owner tried [...]

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