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How to Clean Registry and Delete Unnecessary Files From Hard Drive?

April 19, 2012 Piriform_CCleaner

Many PC users say they haven’t got enough space on their system partition, having installed only the required applications: browser, office suite, photo editing software, multimedia player and antivirus. In addition to lack of space, another drawback is the fact that: "Windows is being slow." It is very likely that you are familiar with the [...]

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5 Open Source Alternatives to Microsoft Office Suite

November 13, 2011 Open-Office

Microsoft has long since dominated in providing users with office suites. However, most users do not have the luxury to acquire commercial programs like Microsoft office. So, for those who are looking to save money, opt for open source alternatives. Most of these software’s are as good as Microsoft and in few cases, even better. [...]

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Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) Countdown!

October 1, 2011 Internet_Explorer_6_Logo_Countdown

When Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) was launched in 2001, it was the best browser of that time. It was released shortly after completion of Windows XP. During tenure of IE 6 (Internet Explorer 6), it was used widely and was the main tool to browse the web. During 2002-2003, IE6 was having more than 80% [...]

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Windows 8 Developer Preview Installation Error – HAL_INITIALIZATION_FAILED

September 20, 2011 Error-VMWare-Player

Have you encountered this error while installing Windows 8 Developer Preview on VMWare Player? Your PC ran into a problem that it couldn’t handle, and now it needs to restart. You can search for the error online: HAL_INITIALIZATION_FAILED.     You are using old version of VMWare Player. And that old version is not compatible [...]

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Windows 8 Developer Preview installation on a Virtual Machine (VMWare Workstation)

September 19, 2011 Windows8-Developer-Preview-VMWare-Workstation-01

As we know Microsoft released Developer Preview of Window 8 last week, I am very sure that you would like to give it a try and would keen to know how Windows 8 looks like. These could we two ways to install Windows 8 Developer Preview:- (1) Clean Install (2) Install Windows 8 Developer Preview [...]

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Windows 8 Developer Preview (pre-beta release)

September 19, 2011 Windows8-Developer-Preview-MainScreen

Last week, Microsoft released Developer Preview of Windows 8 Operating System. It is a pre-beta version. This version of Windows 8 OS contains pre-release software that may change in final version of release. Purpose of this Developer Preview release of Windows 8 OS, is to allow Developers/Enthusiastic/Tech Savvy to have look and feel of next [...]

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How to hide games in Windows 7 Game Explorer Folder

September 7, 2011 Windows7-Game-Folder

I never prefer to install video Games on my laptop, which I use for blogging. The main reason for this is, sometimes some guest who visits my home, start playing games on my laptop. And I always don’t find myself comfortable for not allowing to play games on my laptop. Hence I am having better [...]

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Open several websites on a single click

September 5, 2011 Open-Many-Websites

Every day I open several websites. Some of them are news websites, some are technology blogs, some are normal static websites. I cannot really use google reader or rss reader because some of them don’t publish the feed due to their static nature. Say I open 10 websites repetitively 25 times in a day. If [...]

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