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There was a time when my laptop used to take 3 minutes to start or boot up. And waiting time was very frustrating. Staring at windows was the only thing I used to do for those 3 minutes. And then I found a solution – Soluto.

Soluto is a software which removes unnecessary application from your PC boot up and hence reduce time which your PC takes to start.

My Computer takes hours to start. Whats the Solution?

Your computer loads several programs/software during boot up. Some of them are necessary whereas others are not necessary to load during boot up. The software which are not necessary, can be either paused (stopped completed and don’t start them) or can be delayed (means let the computer boot up first and then start them one by one).

Say as for example, I am using built-in Windows7 software ‘Sticky Notes’.  I use this software to place some notes. Now I don’t really need this software immediately after computer starts. Hence I have delayed it. Once my computer starts, ‘Sticky Notes’ gets launched after a minute or two.

So the idea is simple. If we reduce the number of software/programs which are triggered during computer start up, definitely your computer will take considerably less time to boot up.

Now the question is how can we know which programs are necessary and which can be delayed/paused. And how easily we can stop or delay them. Thats the point, where Soluto comes to our rescue.


When you install Soluto at your computer and run it (after a reboot), it presents all the programs/software which were loaded during start up in three categories:-

  1. No-brainer (remove from boot)
  2. Potentially removable (advanced users)
  3. Cannot be removed with Soluto (yet…)

Now it will also give you number of applications for each category and time taken by them all together during start up. “No-brainer” programs can simply be paused or delayed without giving further thought. Most of the programs in ‘Potentially removable’ category can also be paused/delayed. However before taking action on ‘Potentially removable’ programs, it is advised that you should understand what is program is being used for. Last category is ‘Cannot be removed with Soluto’. You will not be able to take action on these programs using Soluto. Better to not to touch them even out of Soluto.

Once you chop up the list of software which are in boot, definitely your computer is going to take less time to start up.

Other Features of Soluto

(1) Other than reduce boot up time, Soluto Client also presents you list of extensions/plugins which can be potentially removed from browser.

(2) When you login to Soluto at their web interface, Soluto suggests you ‘Useful apps to install’ in Apps category.

(3) It gives you information about your default browser, add-ons, dsl, firewall, antivirus status, etc.

(4) Soluto also presents status/health of your PC hardware. It provides information about CPU, RAM, Motherboard, Graphics, Hard drive. Most important, it lets you know “Battery Health”.


Once Soluto Client has required information about your computer boot up, action can also be taken at web interface also. You simply pause/delay the programs by logging into Solutio web and it will be reflected to your local machine.

Now help your friends and family!

You must be having several friends or family member who are not as proficient as you are when it comes to computer. Its your turn now to help them to reduce their PC start up time. And that too by sitting in front of your computer. No matter how far they are or if you don’t have physical access to their machine, with the help of Soluto magic feature you will be able to help them provided their computer is having internet connectivity. Even though their computer is off, you can take action at your end and once they switch on their computer, your action will be synced with their local machine.


Soluto gives you 5 Slots absolutely free. It means for one Soluto account, you can install Soluto Client at 5 computers and can improve boot time of 5 computers.

Simply click on “Add Someone” and enter their mail id. Your friend will receive an email invitation to install Soluto. Once they install Soluto and restart their machine, all the required information will flow from their computer to your Soluto account. And finally, you can take action to pause/delay program from their computer.

Simple enough! Isn’t it? And once you are done with a computer, you can remove them from your account in Solutio to free up the space and utilize Soluto to help others.


Interesting software. I am fully dependent on Soluto to reduce and monitor my laptop start up time. How do you do it with your computer. Share your thoughts.

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Ritesh Kumar is having 6+ years of IT experience in various business intelligence tools and technologies.A mechanical engineer by education and a software engineer by profession. Apart from working on Informatica PC, Pentaho tools, Talend OS, Oracle, MySQL, Hadoop, Pig latin, Business objects (ah... long list to go), I also interest in domaining and blogging. Do take some time to visit about me section of this blog.

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  1. Prem Pandit from Trickybloggers says:

    It is a effective Solution for speed up the Computer . I will Try this . Thanks for sharing

  2. Zeeshan says:

    My PC was so slow but i think now i got the solution. Will definitely try this on my machine.
    Zeeshan recently posted..Install WP Paintbrush and Create your own WordPress ThemesMy Profile

  3. Worli from Share Market says:

    Once soluto is installed,it will analyze your boot up time, and offer options as to which application should start-up. You can then choose to pause or delay startup applications. The next time you boot up, Soluto will show you how much time you have gained.

  4. Leo from Accountant Pay says:

    I don’t think my computer is loading any programs at startup but it is fairly old. Will Solutio work with that type of problem, or is it strictly for startup applications?

    • Ritesh Kumar says:

      Unfortunately Soluto works only with startups. However on online portal of Soluto, you will be able to see some vital details of your computer. It may be a RAM issue also.

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